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i mail to my important letter but passed 7 days more this office still not get this letter! i think Dacula post office this man lost my letter !


I've called several times and no one will answer the phone


Today I went to ship a box to Miami at the Dacula Rd location. Postal worker Kathryn was very rude with me. She mumbled something about the address label. When I asked if anything was wrong she replied that she would tell me later. Once everything was done she mentioned that the box may don't arrive since my label was vertically placed. So I said if the box isn't going to arrive so why am I sending? I can fix the label's placement. Then, she said that it would arrive. She was rude throughout the entire process. Up to today everyone has been very courteous and professional when interacting with me. Kathryn shouldn't be working with customer service. She can ruin ones day.


I am tired of my mail being opened!! A package was delivered Sunday in the rain, it did not fit in the mailbox, so the postal carrier left it in the open mail box in the rain. It was a PAINTING! Today someone parked near my mailbox while the postal employee was delivering so rather than get out and place the mail in the box they DROVE IN MY YARD and left the mailbox door open!!! I have been calling the Dacula Post Offive all day no one would answer. I am pissed!


I have been waiting on a medical document that was showed as delivered and never received it! Our mail carrier is very incompetent had no idea what she is doing or just plain lazy! Last month we received 12 different people’s water bill in our mailbox! Really?? Do you just pull these people off the street and say here, deliver the mail?? You better find my missing letter! I have seen many websites with bad reviews about the Dacula post Office


Continued wrong mail delivered to my home after complaining it actually got worse. Calling is fruitless because no one answers the god damn phone! Poney express was faster and better!


PLEASE ANSWER YOUR PHONE!!! I have a package missing and I'm just wanting to find out if you have it there. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. It cost a fortune to send it!!!!


What is the point of letting people schedule redeliveries online if the delivery isn’t going to be redelivered on the day requested. Also what is the point of having a phone number if you won’t answer the phone. Delivery was attempted on September 30 I went online that night and requested a redelivery for October 1. Nothing. It is how the 3rd. The status just shows my request and no update at all. This is why I prefer UPS! USPS doesn’t give a crap.


I keep dialilng the number and after repeated rings, the phone disconnects. I redial and go through same process. I say they are hanging the phone up as they can't be bothers to answer. I have a package that says delivered but it has not been and trying to get ahold of them as they are the shipper


Seems to me delivering mail is a simple task. It amazes me the number of mis-delievered mail I get let alone my mail that is going someplace else. It is a privacy issue as well. The young lady who delivers in my area drives like a Nascar drive to make the next stop and slams on the brakes - I'd venture to say her vehicle gets most brake changes than others. We don't always have the same person - but on the days she delivers I just know I will have other peoples mail, which I simply write delivered to wrong address and drop back in the mail box at the post office. I never get mail that anyone has written on telling me it had been delivered to the wrong address. Seems to me - if people don't get their mail bills for example and - then of course this could cause a delay in them paying the bill - maybe the postal employee should have to pay the late fees - or as the one person wrote she was $200 in debt because of stop pay and late fees. The postal employees need to be made accountable - maybe a survey - reward program - those that give great service - basically delivering the mail to the correct address would naturally get a reward, the others like the "nascar dirve" with enough complaints would get some sort of punishment - maybe a day off WITHOUT pay. They have a responsibility to protect people privacy that should not be taken lightly. With technology as it is one day the USPS will not exists & many will be with out the jobs. PLEASE PLEASE FIX THE PROBLEM incompetent people can be replaced with COMPETENT people hopefully a veteran.


I just called the Dacula Post Office to inquire about how to best handle a change of address. The gentleman that answered the phone was very helpful. I greatly appreicate his assistance. It was great to talk to a person rather than just look up information on a website.


I mailed three payments (mortgage, auto loan and credit card) on or about June 30 and none were received by the payee. A week later, I mailed another payment to my cell phone company and it was not received either. These were all placed in the boxes outside the Dacula Post Office. I have only just learned about these payments not being received when I starting getting late notices. I am facing over $200 dollars in late fees and stop payment charges. I find it unbelievable that all this mail has been lost, i.e. three pieces in one day and another a week later. I am filing a complaint with the USPO Investigative Service, but would like to hear back from the Postmaster at the Dacula Post Office. I am now concerned that I cannot rely on my mail being received which means I will have to start paying my bills on line.


sent text of amazon pkg. being delivered and put in mail box, I saw postal carrier drive right by my home doing at least 45 , so must of wanted to be off early before finishing his job and also telling a lie and falsely representing his delivery,and document which is a no no with postal codes, and representation of carriers


Please I need my package delivered to it's destination, is so frustrating when you're been kept on hold for over one hour telling me that they are busy. Can somebody just please pick my call and tell me where my package is, this is 2:05pm package that suppose to be delivered since Saturday and tracking says office was closed but will deliver the next working hours which is today and as we speak they have not delivered my priority express package. This is totally unfair and unacceptable


My package tracking said that it was delivered yesterday afternoon, yet it is not here? I live on a main road and I have had many packages "come" and then I have to go pick them up at the post office later? Do you just not want to stop? It is terrible trying to also get in touch to figure out where these packages are. If I need to go pick it up, just send me an email about it in the first place, not after you say you have "delivered" it and make me wonder where it is for 2 days. It only wastes my time and makes me worry I have lost when I have ordered.


3 out of the last 5 packages delivered to my house were ripped and damaged. What are you doing with my packages that they are being delivered in such a state?


post office has been the most infuriating and miserable experience
lately for me, filled with incompetent workers and downright liars.
They have wasted months of my time and have sent me on hour-long wild
goose chases that have left me frustrated and annoyed.Back
in February I ordered a product from Japan and shipped it via EMS
which meant it should have arrived very quickly. However after
waiting and checking tracking, I found out that the package had
apparently already arrived and had been signed for. After doing some
looking around and investigating I found out that it was sent to the
hair salon down the plaza. When I asked for my package, they handed
me ripped open package with a missing shipping label, no receipt, and
missing several of the items that should have been inside there as
well. They thought it was a gift and proceeded to give it to several
of their customers. This led to us arguing several times over the
matter before I decided to go to the post office and demand to know
what happened.When
our regular post office worker came by the next day she was so upset
to hear what had happened. She knew us and would have delivered it no
problem but for packages out of the country, a different post office
worker delivers them and she just assumed that it would go to the
hair salon because the package detail said hair product. The logic
behind this is painful to think and even the post office worker who
delivered the package remembered that something was odd about that
package when she was later questioned.After
this I was told to contact the post office and the manager who was
named Kevin. When I first talked to Kevin he could not believe what
had happened and he told me that he needed some time to sort out and
figure out how to take care of this issue. He told me that he would
call me back on Wednesday that week, but did not call. By Thursday I
decided to call the post office again and instead was told to talk to
someone named Orlando. Mr. Orlando had suddenly changed the story,
saying that the reason the package went to the hair salon location
was that there was no name on the address, meaning they just made the
assumption that it would go to the hair salon. We know for a fact
that this is a ridiculous claim and also impossible, since we have a
copy of the attached shipping label that the online seller put on the
package. They also told us that they were not responsible and told us
to call an administrative line, who ultimately told us they could not
help us, and instead that we would need to call the claims office in
St Louis. It was just a waste of time on our part and did not help
fix anything. After this they just continued to send us on a wild
goose chase, just telling us any random number to call. Every single
one of these numbers would be at least a 40 minute wait only to have
them tell us that this was the wrong number for this issue. It wasted
hours of time and ultimately we didn't even get any help from the
post office itself.We
are still working through this problem right now as the Japanese
seller is currently waiting for the post office's report to file
properly so they can go through insurance to take care of this
matter. However, they shouldn't even need to take care of this issue
in the first place. The Post Office was the group who messed up and
should need to take responsibility for their incompetence and
inability to deliver a proper package without wasting everyone's time
and lying profusely. The fact that the General Manager of all people
would lie so boldfacedly to a customer really makes me wonder about
how corrupt and seedy the post office really is. Someone needs to
lose their job of this.

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