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4 Bassick Pl, Westcliffe, CO 81252

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Phone: 719-783-2453
Fax: 719-783-3353
TTY: 877-889-2457
Toll-Free: 1-800-Ask-USPS® (275-8777)

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Monday 24 hours
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Monday 2:15pm
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Wednesday 2:15pm
Thursday 2:15pm
Friday 2:15pm
Saturday 2:15pm
Sunday Closed

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Monday 9:00am - 3:30pm
Tuesday 9:00am - 3:30pm
Wednesday 9:00am - 3:30pm
Thursday 9:00am - 3:30pm
Friday 9:00am - 3:30pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

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Last week, my husband went into our local Westcliffe post office and picked up 3 separate packages, addressed to me and not one single time was he asked to provide his ID. The person that waited on him was a female with black dirty hair. On Friday, of the same week, I went in to pick up my own package and was asked for ID. No problem I showed it to her and put it back in my pocket. I then asked why my husband didn't have to prove his identity. She proceeded to get snotty with me and said she absolutely asked him for it. So, I asked my husband again, did you have to show ID and he said, not one single time. So, then she says, well I didn't see your ID and I will need to see it again. I showed her again. I then asked why he didn't have to show his and she proceeded to say he did. Total B.S. My husband has no reason to lie about it. She then said, if someone comes to pick up your package and their ID has the same address as the package, then they can pick it up. So, I said, do you mean to tell me, for instance if my ex-husband or a former roommate came in with an ID that had my address on it, you would give them my packages. She replied Yep!! First off, her appearance seems as though she hasn't showered in weeks. Then she is salty and completely out of line. It took every fiber of my being not to tell her exactly what I was thinking. It is called the Postal Service correct? She works for me as a US citizen. I will be taking my complaint to the higher ups!!


for over a month our parcels have been held at the PO for pickup. We were told the oversized boxes are full. I provided personally that 3 out of 5 boxes in Bull Dominqo were NOT full. I was told by Rhonda, that it is easier to write up the pickup notices than to haul out to the sites and find them full......since that time 12/6/23 the boxes have not been full once. We have had to drive into town 4 out of 6 business days to pickup 5 parcels that would have fit in the oversized boxes. Christmas rush is over - the oversized boxes are not being utilized and your carriers are coming to the boxes anyway to deliver notices, bring boxes with and leave as in the past. Please. Thank you!


Today is 2/12/22. I ordered some merchandise which was tracked to be delivered to my mailbox on 1/29/22 at 1:17pm. I never received this item, which was either stolen or not really “delivered”. Where is my package?


Woman that took care of me was very crass and gave me wrong information costing me a substantial amount of money that I didn’t have to spend. On April 24 I visited and I needed to send info to Oklahoma by May 1 she informed me there was no way of it getting there by then even with priority and it would take 2-3 weeks. I went home and sent the info online which I was now charged extra fees for doing so only sent the most important and mailed the rest. Yesterday I received confirmation that they had received my info. So apparently she was wrong wrong with her 2-3 week delay that she had to say every time I asked a question . Just rude!


The post office in Westcliffe is in violation of Federal Law. They refused to rent me a P O Box, stated reason being that I am a resident of Fremont Country, and not Custer County. This is in direct violation of the rules and regulations published on the official USPS website. This is going to be reported to the Post Master General of the United States, as well as to local, state and U S Representatives. I was forced to rent a box from the Cotopaxi Post Office which is 28 very crooked and rough road miles from my residence, as apposed to a short drive of only 7 miles on well maintained roads to Westcliffe from my residence. At a time when we are all instructed to travel as little as possible, I am now forced to drive an extraordinary distace just to receive my U S Mail.


Where do I even start? How about with I have been going to this post office for a couple of years now and they are consistently failing to deliver packages on time, both in AND out of the post office. After holding your mail hostage for more days than they should be because they "are short staffed" (which hurts all of us, but is not our fault) claiming they "haven't gotten to it yet, come back later today or tomorrow" they won't hesitate to give you late slips without including how many days they've held your mail in the back before putting it in your box and marking it as late and then threatening to send it back. After asking them if they counted the days they held our mail in the back before handing out late slips, I was told by the older lady with the longer greyish-white hair that "that isn't our fault, it's federal." Riiight... Only 2-3 people ever working the entire place at a time, they are short staffed ALL THE TIME and the same older lady with the longer greyish-white hair will patronize you every chance she can get instead of owning up to them making 99.9% of the mistakes they constantly make, probably because she is miserable and/or hates her job. They wonder why people like me come in upset all the time, maybe it's because they haven't apologized or even owned up even ONCE for any mistake they've made thus far? That they can't ever seem to do their jobs correctly? It's always US, the customers, who are the idiots! I have had issues NUMEROUS times with them having packages in the back that were delivered for me just sit there until I bring in a tracking number (they are so lazy about that and won't even check unless you bring in a tracking number), I have had the wrong mail put in my box and have had to drive back more than once, I have had mail delivered with no slips put in my box just sit in the back until I ask about it and I have been given keys for the parcel boxes that have no numbers on them matching the key because "they fell off" and when asking the same older lady with the greyish-white hair I've been dealing with to help me, she promptly goes over to the boxes and points at the numbers like I'm an idiot telling me "Here are the numbers, ma'am, right here." Are you kidding me??? Of course I've done this before, but the box I was looking for had no numbers along with at least a handful of other boxes that were numberless because the place is shit and they had fallen off and I guess she had mistaken me as a mind-reader. She tried to make it out like I'm the idiot, like I've never picked up mail with a key before in the 2 years I've been renting a box and should have known the top box was #25 when none of the boxes are in order and just all randomly numbered. If I could insert an eyeroll here, I would. There is always something they have to do first before they can help you, too! "If you'll just wait a second, I have to help this person who was behind you first" or "If you could just stand over here a second, I'll get to you in a second, I have to do this first." Pink slips left have no names on them for people staying at RV parks. They check the "delivered" box when packages remain sitting at the post office and they don't even try to deliver them half the time, this has happened too many times to count so far and I expect it will happen again. They pick and choose what gets delivered and what gets sent back. Was told by an employee I AM THE ONE responsible to come to the counter and ask if I am expecting anything, which isn't the way it is supposed to be. Long review short, I highly suggest not wasting time at this place unless you want to be disappointed to death. Even after letting the Postmaster know what's up, she has failed to do anything about anything. I'm very close to renting a box over 1+ hour away instead of 2 minutes down the street because of how incompetent people are at their jobs here. Run away as fast as you can unless you're dropping off a letter, you'll thank me later. Don't even think about using this post office during Christmas, either unless you want to lose precious time.


Always friendly and helpful!


Racist postal carrier goes out of her way to return deliverable mail to post office, fails to scan tracking numbers. Post master fails to do anything about it.


Really? I have owned property in Custer County for more than a dozen years and have never received anything but professional service from the USPS and all other federal, state and local governmental entities within Custer County. Is there any way that I could help you deal with your perceived issues? You may ask the Postmaster to forward your request to me.
• Replied to JG7

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