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I moved here from Oceanside ca on August 1st. I received a key for the mail box and it will not work. Is there a fee here in Bakersfield? Where and how do I get a proper key for 9706 Whitehead Ct, Bakersfield ca 93311. Mail box #9


Well done postal service , they broke open the mailbox again last night and cleaned it out , well doen , no wonder DHL and UPS is wiping there floors with your ass


Today is Monday September 18, 2017. It is 8:20 pm. and today's mail still hasn't been delivered. Please advise. Thank you


I see by the reviews this post office continues its very poor customer service. Have put in my phone number to be called back and twice it has rung one time and then there is a hangup; We aren't stupid; calling a return number and hanging up is just another way to clear out the backlog of numbers to call. Typical government response. This is a terrible post office. I have filed lost package forms with no resolution and now have tried to call twice because held mail hasn't been delivered as scheduled. Sad commentary.


After receiving my neighbors mail multiple times in the last few months I've made multiple attempts to contact the post office no one ever answers the phone at this point not sure how to resolve the issue.


Our community mailbox was replaced with a new one a few days ago. After it was installed a note was put on it telling us to go to the Camino Media office to pickup the new key. On Tues (4/11/17) I went to pick up the key. There was a very long line so I got in line and expected to wait for awhile. There were 2 men working the windows and a lady in the stamp part of the office helping them out. As the line moved up to where I was third in line, one of the men working at one of the windows closed down his window and came out to sell stamps. Now keep in mind this facility has a big stamp machine and a place where only stamps are sold. As he comes out he asked if anyone needed "anything" to which I replied "yes I would like to get my new key to the new mailbox". The clerk who came out to sell stamps told me he couldn't help me I should just stay in line and I would be helped. Meanwhile the line behind me is getting longer. Obviously one lady who had been behind me must have complained about being in line too long so the clerk selling stamps told her she could go to the head of the line and he would see that she would get waited on. SHE HAD BEEN behind me and he was going to put her in front of me! Fortunately she didn't take him up on it. The man in front of me had come earlier in the day to get his key and was told to come back after 2:00. So this was his second time to come in. Several minutes later when he couldn't sell anymore stamps the clerk returned to his window and just as the man in front of me was going to the counter a woman came out and asked what the next person in line wanted. I told her I was there to pick up new key. She said she would take care of that but we had to step to the next window. Just before we could walk to that window a man stepped in front of us with his arms full of envelopes to be mailed and a large basket on the floor full of envelopes to be mailed. Instead of telling the gentlemen she had told us we would be helped she helped him and so I knew it was going to take forever to help this man with all of the envelopes I looked over and asked the clerk next to her (the one who was selling stamps) if he could help us just get our keys. He said "NO" she will help you.I said we had been in line for a long time. He said "Well talk to her she's the manager if you have complaints ". I looked at the lady and tried to ask her if he could help us out and she said No I will help you when I finish with this man. I asked her if she realized he had walked in front of us and told her he had a basketful of mail in the basket on the floor She said she would help me when she finished with him after all he was a customer too. I responded Yes I know but he wasn't a customer who had been waiting in line for a long time. I also told her that the clerk had closed his window down to sell stamps. She said she would take that up with him because he was not supposed to do that. So we waited. Meanwhile more people were coming in for keys and there were 2 lines almost out the door. She finally finished the man with all of the envelopes so the man ahead of me stepped up for help. He was told that she did not have his key. The man was as fed up as I was so he didn't like being told to come back and then having to stand in line so long to be told she didn't have his key. I asked if she didn't have any of the keys and she told me she wasn't talking to me I would have to wait until she helped me. The man left very upset and thanked her for nothing. I gave her my drivers license which she picked up and spun around and went to the back room where she stayed for quite awhile. Finally she returned with my keys. She handed me back my drivers license and I left feeling very tired and very disappointed to be treated so badly and not even a kind word for any of the delays. When I got out to the parking lot there wasn't one empty space. I pity the poor souls who went in when it was really busy. They probably didn't get out until midnight! Very poor management and it is always like that. The clerks and managers act like you have all the time in the world and they never ever apologize for the delay. It's awful there! They need to be told to treat their customers nicer! They will look out and see the wrong line and then just close down thir window and leave one poor clerk to take care of the long line.


Been a week, sent a change of guessed mail.... Been waiting for two checks so I can get a place to live. I got a new job after 5 months and moved to Sacramento. Had no money for a week...have milk, cereal, Sosa in my fridge.....OF COURSE NOONE IS ANSWERING THE PHONE AT CAMINO MEDIA.....I NEED MONEY TO GET A PLACE!!..start my job the 19th..... PLEASE DISCONTINUE THE COMMUNITY MAILBOXES.....BEING VANDALIZED, STOLEN FROM, AND MAIL EMPLOYEES SEEM NOT TO CARE. USPS DOES NIT KEEP THEM UP, THEY ARE UNSIGHTLY, A DISGRACE


The community mailbox on our corner was broken into during spring break week leading up to Easter 2016. How do I know? NOT because I was informed by my postal carrier or post office! I found out from neighbors who had missing mail and packages. I had 7 bills taken, along with 3 pkgs. There was no notice from the post office about this breach, no forced entry evidence, and no warning about a stolen master key....which is what we hear has happened, but locks on the mailboxes have not been changed. The Camino Media post office does NOT answer their phone, ever! So...if you are in the 93311 and are reading this, be aware and pick up your mail each day or have it out on hold when you are gone for any amount of time. Isn't tampering with mail a Federal offense? Aren't postal workers supposed to see that mail is safe? If you know a master key has been taken, please re-key the boxes!


Doesn't know how to answer the phone waited for over half an hour for someone to pick up the phone. I tried calling back multiple times but just gave up. This is one of the worse post offices I've ever worked with. I was calling to try to fix something this same post office screwed up. It's just ridiculous.


I came in to the post office at about 12:30 or 1:00 on May 1st, 2014 to weigh and mail a couple of letters.I approached the line which only had one person in front of me; there were only four or five customers in the in tire post office. The woman in from of me pointed to the booth to the right of the main counter where a female employee was waiting on one customer, and said if all you need is to weigh your mail, she can help you; so I stepped approximately two feet to my right when the woman at the counter to my right barked! "Sir, get back in that line!" stunned and embarrassed, I stepped back in the the original line feeling disrespected by this young woman. I am a 52 yo man who does not appreciate being spoken to in this manner and would think I could stand anywhere in the lobby that I choose; subsequently I was her next customer. If there is only to be one line in the post office for both the main counter and the counter to the right, then I think it should be roped off that way. I think this woman should be reassigned to the back or trained on how to treat customers.

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