Passport Facts, Answers, and Questions.

Make sure you are aware of the following, and bring the items listed below:
You can find up to date fees, requirements, and other information at the State Departments Travel Site

General Questions

  • How long will it take? - Passports generally take anywhere from 2-10 weeks to be received.
  • When can I renew? - US Passport renewal can be done in person, or by mail if within 15 yrs of previous.
  • Can I get my passport faster? - You can pay extra for expedited services if needed.

What do I need to bring?

  • What types of ID are needed? - make sure you have two forms of Identification with copies of each.
    • One of the IDs should prove US Citizenship, such as a Certified Birth Certificate, previous Passport, Naturalization Certificate, or Certificate of Citizenship.
    • The second ID must be current and valid, such as a Driver's License, Government or Military ID, Naturalization Certificate, or previously issued Passport.
  • What forms are needed? - You should have the appropriate passport application form printed and filled out.
  • Do I need a photo? - You will need a photo meeting all requirements if the Passport Office does not list available Photo Hours.
    • Most stores offering photo taking provide these services, such as Walgreens or Wal-Mart.
  • How much does it cost? - You will be required to pay an Application fee to apply for or renew passport.

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